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to election day there are lots of questions right now about the impact of president obama's bad october is having on democrats around the country in other races. take a look at the balance of power in the house right now. republicans hold the majority, 240 seats, to democrats 190. there are five vacant seats right now. let's talk about it with shane deapril of campaigns and elections magazine. he is the editor. shane, democrats have talked like they would be able to recapture the house, maybe put nancy pelosi back in place as speaker of the house. how is that looking right now after the month the president obama has had? >> yeah right now, jon, it doesn't look good in terms of democrats being able to retake the house majority. i think if you go back to the beginning of the year to get those 25 seats which is what democrats would need, that was a very tall task to begin with. i don't think there were too many analysts who actually thought that democrats had a shot at that. but i think with the tightening of the top of the ballot between mitt romney and president obama, you have seen a sh
showdown in florida. president obama and governor romney going head to head in the final presidential debate. jenna: now the final sprint to the election is on with just two weeks to go. who won, is one of the questions. and will it be enough to change any minds? we're going to break down the style and substance of the debate with our own fair and balanced conversation, aren't we, jon? and is one of our greatest threats is a nuclear-armed iran. did the candidates lay out plans for making sure that that nation, that same nation that calls us the great satan, never has those types of weapons? we're going to talk more about that. >>> and also a massive manhunt is underway as a gunman terrorizes drivers in one state. it's all "happening now." ♪ jenna: well, the presidential candidates clashing over foreign policy in the third and final debate last night. now the countdown is on til election day, just two weeks away. no more debates but certainly a lot ahead. we're glad you're with us, everybody, jenna lee. jon: and early voting underway. i'm jon scott. we heard from the candidates on li
-outcome pain blitz. right now, president obama on route to virginia after stumping in another crucial swing state, florida. meantime governor romney is in the all-important swing state of ohio where right now he is holding a rally in cincinnati. and we have our eye on the economy as well. a very big issue in the race with the dow this week posting one of the worst drops so far this year. now, stocks are reacting to the brand new jobless numbers. and they show a drop in the weekly unemployment applications. the number of claims falling by 23,000 from last week. this as we get some new numbers on a key voting bloc. the latest poll showing governor romney erasing the gender gap. pulling even when it comes to women. tied at 47% apiece. this after governor romney lagged 16 points behind president obama just a month ago. joining us now, erin mcpike, national political reporter for "real clear politics". a lot of people are saying, erin, it revolves around the economy. that women have taken a look at the pocketbook issues and they have decided that, mitt romney's approach appeals to them. >> repor
to head. president obama and governor romney will face off on a number of politically-charged issues including the war in afghanistan, the nuclear standoff with iran, trade with china and the president's handling of the september 11th terror attack on our consulate in libya. that attack, of course, four americans murdered there. senior national correspondent be john roberts live in florida with the very latest. so, john, any hints on what we expect to see tonight? >> reporter: we've got all kinds of hints, all kinds of strategy for you this morning. you know, even romney's closest advisers will admit that foreign policy is not his strongest suit, but they do believe he can narrow the experience gap by talking about the following things: his vision for the or united states on the world stage, american exceptionalism and by bringing it back to his strongest suit which is the economy, arguing that you can't have a strong foreign policy, you can't have a strong military without having a strong economy. and the campaign trail yesterday in colorado springs, his running mate, paul ryan, sug
for barack obama until 9:04 on october 3rd. when mitt romney started everybody by refusing to live up to the care caricature as the worst candidate ever. does that suggest all the advertising that the president had done evaporated at the denver podium. >> i wouldn't say it evaporated. we still have a very close race. mitt romney in many of these states still in a sense has to make it clear in the voters that he is not the guy they're seeing in the ads. there is still a ton of ads. clearly voters saw something completely different than they had they had expected. one thing i point out, mitt romney did extremely well in the debate. it clearly changed the nature of this race but you have to wonder what if he had been able to present that kind of a picture to voters much earlier in the campaign? where would he be now if he was able to do so much in just one evening? jon: yeah. is that why the president especially in the last debate kept accusing romney of changing his positions and say, that is not how you said it x number of months ago, that kind of thing? >> well, look the president's s
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)